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So you liked your Tim’s coffee.  You learned to order specialty coffees at Starbucks and now you’re riding the wave of independent coffee shops.  But do you love your coffee enough to become your own barista?

Whether you’re looking to learn the tradecraft of coffee or just want to make a cup of latte or a flat white coffee just the way you like it, there are more than just two options for you.

Some of the places listed below will teach you the art of sourcing your own beans (fair trade, of course), roasting and then train how to use the a specific machine to get the exactly caffeine taste you crave.  So, in no particular order, here are a few of the best places to get to know your coffee:

Buy viagra with paypal, Buy viagra nyc

Since 2001, The Canadian Barista & Coffee Academy has trained hundreds of baristas and coffee entrepreneurs in the art of coffee preparation in all its facets.

Location:  633 Bloor Street west, Toronto, 2nd floor

Phone:  416-784-5210

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Pilot Coffee Roasters source their beans using a method of purchasing coffee called the Direct Trade model. The buyers of Pilot Coffee Roasters actually  go to coffee growing region to meet growers, tour their farms and work out an mutual equitable agreement.  With no middle-men, the growers get to keep more of the money for their hard work and Pilot Coffee is sure of the people and quality of the beans it buys.  Their introductory course costs $150.

Location: 50 Wagstaff Drive, Toronto

Phone: None listed.  Try their e-mail

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Bartending School in Toronto (BST) Offers a 3 hour hands on coffee tasting workshop (their main business is training bartenderswhich promises teach you the secrets of making a perfect shot of Espresso and the art creating mouth watering micro-foam. Pour perfect Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Americanos, as well as learning dozens of recipes for European coffee delicacies. The Buena Barista Coffee Workshop costs $99.00 for a 3 hour course.

Location: Various

Phone: 416-461-4441

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The Merchants of Green Coffee have been sourcing and selling the certified green arabica coffees for over 20 years. They roast, brew and teach all things coffee out of their Toronto cafe. Behind the scenes, they report that they work on sustainable, innovative and empowering coffee projects.

Merchants of Green Coffee has a true sense of mission and will probably deliver your best experience.  Cost of their course is $50.00.

Location: 2 Matilda St.

Phone: 416-741-5369

buy cytotec india

Canada’s very first espresso machine arrived in Toronto in 1954 when Giacomo Zuccarini opened the “Sidewalk Caffé” at Yonge and College.  Thus began the initial distribution of the Gaggia coffee machine line in Canada and the inception of Zuccarini Importing Company.  This is the genuine article: A family business with roots in Italy, machines sourced from Italy and a passion for teaching people how to do right by their beans and the machines that make it all possible.  The cost of a 2 hour workshop is $75.00 (per person) or $100.00 (per couple).  This way you take turns making coffee before you settle in for some Netflix binging.


Location: 1335 Davenport Road (one block east of Dufferin Street)

Phone:  416-537-3439

buy cytotec online without a prescription

The Espresso Institute of North America is an international, full service, café/coffee consulting and training organization.  They are focused on providing training and consultation for those working in the field and for the average home brewer.  Pricing is based on your needs and is customized to fulfill your goals.

Location: 238 Dupont St., Toronto
Phone: 416-890-1006


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