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When in comes to diversity,  sixty-eight per cent of Canadians believe that minorities should do more to fit in with mainstream society rather than keep their own customs and languages according to a buy cytotec without prescription australiareleased today.

The survey also found that Sixty-four per cent of Canadians say that they are satisfied in a broader sense with the way things are going today in Canada.  Compare that to the U.S. where a similar survey found that 64% were dissatisfied with the way things are going in their country.  In fact, only Russia and Germany have come close to reaching the level of satisfaction being expressed by Canadians.

This survey examines the “shared ideas and beliefs that make Canada what it is today, as well as the divisions that remain present despite the level of overall satisfaction.”

A large majority of Canadians, a whopping 62%, say they “have a deep emotional attachment to Canada.”  And when asked, ‘How proud are you to be a Canadian’ 8 out of 10 Canadians said they are either proud or very proud to be Canadian.  Quebecers have a slightly lower positive response to this question, coming in at 63%.

The survey also found that Canadians by a large majority (76%) feel optimistic about their future but not about the future of the next generation.

The Angus Reid/CBC survey is a comprehensive look at the shared ideas, beliefs and hopes of Canadians today and worth a read (see link above).

Canadians Want Immigrants to Integrate Faster was last modified: October 4th, 2016 by