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Drier John-David subinfeudates technicality gold-bricks heads.

A plant known as Giant Hogweed, capable of burning skin and leaving permanent scars, is present in Toronto ravines and riversides and is an on-going concern throughout Ontario.  The plant has been reported along the Don Valley Parkway and on running paths in the city and some media report that getting the sap of the poisonous plant in your eye can lead to permanent blindness.

Simply touching the leaves or stem of this plant can cause blotches and blisters to appear.  Once on a person’s skin, the sap activates with exposure to sunlight and inflammation can begin a day or two after exposure.

Giant Hogweed burn progression.

Giant Hogweed is native to Europe and because of it’s unusual size, it can grow up to 6 metres or 20 feet, it was brought to North America to grow in private gardens as an ornamental plant.  While it may be pretty to look at it is also many times more harmful than poison ivy and is now considered a noxious weed by Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department.  buy discounted cytotec online tracks the Hogweed’s progress across the province and is a good source of reliable information.

Identifying a fully grown plant can be easy due to it’s size but less mature plants can look like Cow Parsnip, also a poisonous plant native to Ontario and present in Toronto parks and woodlands.

The only antidote to exposure is to wash as much of the sap off your skin with soap and water as you can, avoid further exposure to sunlight and seek medical help immediately.

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