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Summerlicious, a chance to sample some of the best food at a price we can all afford, is back from July 8 – 24. This year more than 220 restaurants in The 6ix are offering mouth-watering prix fixe menus at well-know and highly regarded venues.

The event, which has been running since 2003, offers 3 course lunch menus which range fom $18 – $28 and 3 course dinner menus from $28 – $48.

The official Summerlicious site allows you to search restaurants by neighbourhoods, cuisines, pricing, lunch or dinner (or both ;), accessibility, whether a restaurant is vegan and whether a restaurant serves locally sourced items. Reservations can be made directly with restaurants beginning on June 23.


Our 6ix Picks:








Bent (Asian, Fusion, International)

777 Dundas St W – 647-352-0092
Little Italy, Downtown, West Toronto

Biagio Ristorante






Biagio Ristorante (Italian)

155 King St E – 416-366-4040
Downtown, Financial District

Bindia Indian Bistro










Bindia Indian Bistro (Indian)

16 Market St – 416-863-0000
Downtown, Financial District

Fred’s Not Here







Fred’s Not Here (Steakhouse)

321 King St W – 416-971-9155
Entertainment District

Globe Bistro







Globe Bistro (Canadian)

124 Danforth Ave – 416-466-2000
Danforth/Greektown, Midtown








R&D (Asian, Chinese, Contemporary)

241 Spadina Ave – 416-586-1241

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